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Havin’ Trouble Quittin’ You, Barack

Great discovery to help offset an initially negative reaction. After receiving my 10,000th email from the campaign in Obama’s first term – I was dun. D-U-N, dun. Nothing against you or your policies (although drone-based warfare does have real consequences), it was just that you were emailing me four times a day. Every peep that an idiot GOP’er uttered, I got an email. If a fundraising deadline was less than 100 days away – I got an email. You’ve got my vote, just don’t take my inbox. You’ll pry my gmail, when you take it from my cold, dead hands.

It was to much delight when I was re-inspired by a aspirational video auto-playing, as well as an option to deescalate the situation by just selecting ‘fewer’ emails. Self-recognition is an emotion not often found in the world of direct marketing. So, yes, Barack – we’re still friends. Maybe you won’t call as often as before, but you can still feel free to drop me a line.

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