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Open Source Gestures Library

A great resource for anyone designing tablet or mobile applications, this GML (Gesture Markup Library) goes a long way to standardize the way Interaction Designers draft their specs. From two finger pinch to the patented five finger triple tap, this open source typeface will allow you to quickly your gesture references with a single keystroke. Check out the accompanying poster that gives you full reference on.

This reminds me of my youth, trying with struggling futility to learn how to write cursive. For anyone who’s seen my handwriting in the past twenty years, you’ll see that the start and end points (as well as the path taken in getting from one to the other) are abstract interpretations at best.

Odd that these gestures are referencing Flash and Flex as their media implementations, when the relevancy is really iOS and Android tablets, platforms that either have omitted or de-emphasized this technology. The nexus of these likely came from the kiosk / touch-enabled display medium, rather than the more portable current incarnation of .

Check out the poster, typeface and GML spec – it’s a valuable resource for any UX designer concentrating on mobility and gestures.

– Link Credit: @starpause

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