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Pair Design Twosday

I was proud to put together what turned out to be a great talk last night in Oakland, with Tim McCoy, Suzy Thompson, Chris Noessel and Karl Dotter each sharing their successes and techniques around Pair Design. A crowd of about 200 designers made their way across the Bay into Oakland to be hosted by some great food and drinks from Pandora.

Discussion topics covered the history of Pair Design and its roots in Pair Development, how to self-acknowledge whether you’re a ‘Gen’ or a ‘Synth’, and the pros and cons of pair. Suzy and Chris got “oh-so-bizay” with their evangelism of Pairing, being paired themselves for nearly a decade at Cooper. A great well-rehearsed talk, full of multimedia and personal stories. Next up was Tim McCoy, whose minimalist slides presented some background on his process at Pivotal Labs – one of the earliest proponents of the pairing process as it related to development. Tim has been around the world and back in the past month, evangelising Pair and spreading the word.

Last up was Karl Dotter and Kate Rutter who did an exercise on Pairing between two strangers – asking the crowd to reach out next to the person next to them and partner for a 45-minute exercise in generating new versions of a mobile application screen. At the end of the exercise, the crowd gave a positive and negative breakdown on their pair experiences.

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