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How AngelList is Changing Recruitment

Reviewer’s Note: This feedback is coming from the experience as an hiring employer as well as job-seeking candidate on AngelList – but not one of an investor nor a fundraiser. AngelList was pivotal in introducing the concept of crowd-based funding rounds, and now investor syndication, areas that I don’t delve into much (yet). Plenty has been written on both this concept as well as Naval’s efforts to change laws around crowdfunding. Initially labeled ‘Angel List Talent’, the now incorporated jobs / recruitment functionality of AngelList has been a happy side effect to the greater forces at play on this platform.


Doodled by Dotter

Thanks to Karl Dotter for the illustration of my talk at Trulia the other day. All this will indeed change, but I hope that we continue to have such a great community of designers. And you even got the calic right!

Nick Cawthon - IXDA talk

UX Career Advice – IxDA San Francisco Talk

I really enjoyed speaking at the Trulia penthouse last night for the IXDA event at SF Design Week. A sold out crowd of about 120 attendees and volunteers were very engaging and responsive to how to hire and how to be hired for UX positions. I was impressed with the level of attendees, there were SVPs from Salesforce, Design Directors from Yahoo! and Founding members of the Designer Fund all participating and sharing knowledge.

Sharon Cardinal was the first speaker of the evening, and she was extremely practical in how she screens and audits all of the leads that she sees. Her advice was a positive assessment of how not to get lost in the noise of applicants of the industry. Danielle Arvanitis followed her with a great deal of experience in both Enterprise and User Research and emphasized the energy of a team, personality types, and the inexact science with finding the right fit.

My talk tried to blow all of this up, by suggesting that this is all going to go away and UX is just a meme. Abandon the resume, abandon the business cards and focus instead on the relationships around you. We’re a very small community (but growing) here in San Francisco, and creating these connections pays off in dividends. Be patient, stay with it and your career and network will grow accordingly.

IXDAsf : User Research Panel

I had the pleasure of hosting Nate Bolt, Mark Trammell, Jackie Cerretani Frank and Sasha Lubomirski for an event recently with the Interaction Designer’s Association of San Francisco.

Hosted by our fine friends at Yelp, Bolt and his team of merry men and women presented in a wonderful format. A Quora thread was set-up a few weeks beforehand to allow those in presence, as well as remotely, to ask questions to the panel in real-time.