Nick Cawthon - IXDA talk

UX Career Advice – IxDA San Francisco Talk

I really enjoyed speaking at the Trulia penthouse last night for the IXDA event at SF Design Week. A sold out crowd of about 120 attendees and volunteers were very engaging and responsive to how to hire and how to be hired for UX positions. I was impressed with the level of attendees, there were SVPs from Salesforce, Design Directors from Yahoo! and Founding members of the Designer Fund all participating and sharing knowledge.

Sharon Cardinal was the first speaker of the evening, and she was extremely practical in how she screens and audits all of the leads that she sees. Her advice was a positive assessment of how not to get lost in the noise of applicants of the industry. Danielle Arvanitis followed her with a great deal of experience in both Enterprise and User Research and emphasized the energy of a team, personality types, and the inexact science with finding the right fit.

My talk tried to blow all of this up, by suggesting that this is all going to go away and UX is just a meme. Abandon the resume, abandon the business cards and focus instead on the relationships around you. We’re a very small community (but growing) here in San Francisco, and creating these connections pays off in dividends. Be patient, stay with it and your career and network will grow accordingly.

Tablet First

Tablet First Talk : IxDAsf

I had the opportunity to host another great IXDAsf event this week, with Abi Jones, Christian Crumlish and Paul McAleer in town for their SXSW talk of TabletFirst Design. A group of about 50 of us were graciously hosted by Cooper, who were showing off their swanky new offices downtown, and we were in for a treat.


REDUX of a Feather 2014 : IxDA

It was my great pleasure to host over 120 IxDs this weekend. We converged at Salesforce to take in a recap of IXDA’s international conference in Amsterdam, featuring local speakers giving their talks for their hometown fans. The venue could not have been better. Screens on every wall, microphones at every table made this a very casual, open experience for speaker and attendee alike.

We carved the eight speakers into two halves – a morning and afternoon session. It was unintentional, but the transcendence of the morning informed some of the practicality of the afternoon. Whereas one was very high-level and challenging conceptually, the other was boots on the ground in the execution: